Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Scam review of is it legit or scam? is the high-tech and profitable investment platform.And they offer all the members as the investment program and which are more effective work with the client financial assets with the good management services available at the cryptocurrency market for everybody.

And this hashminers has the good development of mining processes of the bitcoin and most popular company from the United Kingdom.

If you wanna make the good investment decisions here, you can earn a good number of money here, and their company is assured of a high degree of professionalism from their financial experts.This company offers the lifetime payments from 3.12% to 7.68% every day and option of release your initial deposit at any time after 24 hrs its a good thing for the huge investors.

What is & how it works?

Hashminers limited is the prominent company, were they deal with the bitcoin encryption algorithms and mining and they are also the developer of the hardware and offers the same investments in this platform.

Is is legal and registered company?

Yes, HashMiners is registered in the United Kingdom as "HashMiners Limited" with a registration number of 10521670.

How to start or signup with hashminers?

To start with the hashminers all you have to do it to sign up here and make deposits and start earning.

What are the payment processors do they accept?

They just accept the bitcoin as the payment processors.

What's the minimum amount to invest with the hashminers?

Each of your deposits can be for any amount from 0.001 BTC, there is no maximum. Some such deposits is not limited.

Minimum amount to withdraw from the hashminers?

You can request withdrawal of any amount that is equal to or greater than 0.0005 BitCoin.

What is the referral commission's do they offer?

HashMiners Limited offers 5% referral commission for every deposit that your referral makes from his BitCoin wallet.

What are the investment plans do they offer at hashminers?

They offer 4 types of investment plans such as follows: 

Plan 1: 3.12% Daily 0.13% Hourly  Min:0.001 BTC Max:5 BTC

Plan 2: 3.60% Daily 0.15% Hourly  Min:5.001 BTC Max:50 BTC

Plan 3: 5.04% Daily 0.21% Hourly  Min:50.001 BTC Max:300 BTC

Plan 4: 7.68% Daily 0.32% Hourly  Min:300.001 BTC Max: status :Unlimited

status:Active & paying 

Total memebrs : 1205

Total deposits : 30.36 BTC

Total paid :  2 BTC

Launched : 21/3/2017

Note : This site is bit risky according to other users so lets see how much months or days will this site survive. 

Monday, March 20, 2017

Scam review of is it paying or not?  is the improved company and most trusted management site, and they also have the good team with highly skilled financial experts.They have a good number of assets which has allowed the company for offering its products and services on the open market. is the team of the company financial specialists with the strong command in the bitcoin mining industry and effective analysis & financial situations.

Hash-cloud is the most profitable kingdom offer every member for the stable and extra earnings for the long term investors to their company.One the member's make the deposits, and you will be earning the daily interest until your deposits expire. Later on, you can withdraw the funds any time and redeposit if you wish.

How to start with the

Well to start with the you need to sign up here and make the deposits and start earnings the profits daily.

What is the minimum amount to invest? 

The minimum investment amount is only 20 USD and the maximum amount per transaction is $25,000 .

What's the minimum amount to withdraw?

The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.5 USD.

What are the payment processors do they accept?

They accept the following payment processors such as  Bitcoin, Payeer, Adv Cash and Perfect Money.

What are the referral commissions do they offer?

Yes they do offer  Multi Referral Plan of 10% First level and 5% Second Level.

What are the investment's plans do they offer?


Site status: Paying & under review still

Launched date: 10 march 2017

Total members: 1435

Total deposits: $12372

Total withdrawals: $6957

Note : This site is so risk for the investors so beware of this site this site may turn scam anytime so invest wisely and earn wisely 

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Scam review of is it paying or scam? is the company and limited which has the good growth in the international market of cryptocurrency trading.And its highly profitable and ultra modern business to allocate their company and make the offer for their investors.

The development of the strategy which the allow us to earn money without compromising the financial funds.The are also since 2015 3bitday company is involved in the profitable trading of most of the popular cryptocurrency such as the Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum coins.

The company is registered and officially incorporated in August 2016 under the registration number 10351681 in the United Kingdom.

What is & how it works?

The is the company which offers the trusted assets management of the highest quality under the basis of foreign exchange and most profitable trade trough the bitcoin exchanges.And the market than can guarantee the daily ability to generate the constant profit with the large price swings of the bitcoins.

Is the is officially registered? 

Yes, the company is officially listed in Hong Kong.And for more information, you can check about on the website.

How to join

Its simple to register and to start earning immediately signup here.

What is the investment returns do they offer per day?

The company offers profits without respite from 11% to 16% on a daily basis, including weekends and holidays.

What is the minimum amount of deposit?

The minimum amount to deposit is 0.001 BTC

What is the minimum amount to withdraw?

The minimum amount to withdraw is 0.0001 BTC, and all will be processed instantly or in 24 hours.

How does the affiliate commissions work at

The first level of direct referrals from you will entitle you to a commission of 10%, further connections of second and third levels will give you an opportunity to make 2% and 1% respectively.

Site status: Active & paying 

Days online: 181

Total members: 83018

Total deposited: 68779 BTC

Total withdraw or paid: 46857 BTC

Friday, March 17, 2017

Get $10 for free and earn 4.8% daily & get instant payments is the online investment company and it been established on 2nd Sept 2016 and company are registered under the laws number is 10356721.And the headquarter is located in London.

Their company operates mainly in the field of Bitcoin trading & mining and going to launch on 19th march 2017.The bitcoin network is currently experiencing a period of rapid growth so with the investing bitcoin currency is more popular in the investing field.

How to join Rexbit and claim the 10$ for free?

Its simple to join here Rexbit register by filling all the fields.

What are the investment plans does Rexbit offer?

They offer daily of 4.80% on your investments.

What is the minimum amount to deposit?

The minimum amount to deposit us 0.03 BTC .

What is the payment processors do they accept?

They accept just Bitcoins as the payment processors.

Do offer any affiliate program.?

Here when you referred user deposits the money you will be earnings 5% commissions on their deposits its a good plan for the non-investors can earn just by the commissions.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Scam review of is it legit or scam? is an online advertising come revenue sharing program, and the site is designed for the rapid growth of the revenue share and cryptocurrency industry.And they also sell the digital advertising services.And they are some services which include the banner ads, text ads, login ads and traffic exchange ads along with cash link ads eats. This is the right place where you can do the business or promote your business,program and other products with the cheap price.

Why to use

After the huge successes in the revenue share industry for more than two years, they have gained enough experience and knowledge of revenue share for the long term.As they have built the Adscrypto keeping in mind there are some following steps to be followed below: 

1: Quality and cheap advertising services
2: And for long term stable & profit sharing
3: Honest admins
4: External revenue sources.

Are are the hyip or Ponzi program?

No they are  not an Investment / HYIP / Get-Rich Quick Program / MLM / Matrix / Cycler / Currency Exchange / Securities site.

What are the things can members can buy from

Well, all member's can buy the Advertising credits, login ads, banner, PPC, PTC Ads, Text Ads and more from the advertisement listing in the member area.

Is the is free to join?

Yes, its completely free to join the sign up here.

How well do the works?

They are 3 simple steps which have to follow to know how it works.
1: Need to purchase the advertisement packs and need to view 10 ads daily.
2: Refer other members or friends and earn commissions.
3: Earn more by viewing the PTC ads.

What are the payment processors do they accept?

They accept just Bitcoin as the payment processors.

What are the minimum and maximum amount to withdraw?

The minimum withdrawal is 0.01btc, and the maximum withdrawal is 0.25btc from Monday to Friday.

Do they offer any kind of repurchase rule?

No, they don't offer any kind of repurchase rule.

What are the Advertising plans do they have or offer?

Well they are offering 4 plans where you can buy the Adpacks and start earning the packs such as follows below:

Advert pack 1: Cost 0.006 BTC 

Revenue Sharing Rewards  (Non-Guaranteed Additional Rewards: Up to 125%
5% Referral Commission (On Cash Balance Purchase Only)
Maximum active advt packs one can have: 50

Advert pack 2: Cost 0.012 BTC

Revenue Sharing Rewards  (Non-Guaranteed Additional  Rewards: Up to 120%
5% Referral Commission (On Cash Balance Purchase Only)
To purchase this plan, You need to purchase Alpha membership. The cost would be  0.01 BTC/month.

Advert pack 3: costs 0.024 BTC

Revenue Sharing Rewards  (Non-Guaranteed Additional  Rewards: Up to 115%

Advert pack 4: cost 0.036 BTC

Revenue Sharing Rewards  (Non-Guaranteed Additional  Rewards: Up to 110%

Status: Active & paying 

Launched: 11 March 2017

Total accounts: 3531

Total payouts: 0.6583 BTC

Note : This is the new revenue sharing site were you can earn in bitcoins with the help of  Adpacks and referral comissions so i am telling you this site is genuine for the longterm so stay tuned more revenue shares sites in my blog and earn loats of money thank you.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Earn free bitcoins from daily 0.0006 BTC for free is the site where you can earn the free bitcoins daily of 0.0006 BTC every day.Here the mining is made simple for mining the Bitcoins.And its the leading bitcoin mining pool, also they have the mining centers at Europe,USA & China.

How to start with

First you need to have the account here sign up for mining the bitcoins for free.

How much can u earn without investment per day?

You can generate 0.0006 BTC every day without investments. You can also upgrade your startMiner to generate up to 1 BTC every day.

What the minimum amount to withdraw?

The minimum amount to withdraw is 0.005 BTC

What are the upgrade plans do they have for the miners?

They have 5 plans to earn bitcoins are follows: 

VERSION V 1  : Earning Rate 0.0000004 BTC/min Profit per day 0.0006 BTC

VERSION V1.1 Earning rate: 0.00000080 BTC/min 0.0012 per day Affiliate bonus 30%

VERSION V1.2 Earning rate: 0.00001000 BTC/min 0.015 per day Affiliate bonus 40%

VERSION V1.3 Earning rate: 0.00010000 BTC/min 0.15 per day Affiliate bonus 50%

VERSION V1.4 Earning rate: 0.00070000 BTC/min 1 per day Affiliate bonus 100%

Scam review of is it legit or scam?

I have heard this site is paying since 190 days and more now need to wait any watch are they paying all the free member's or only for the upgraded members.

Please let us know if this sites turn scam if they pay or not comment below and stay tuned for more information on this site.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Earn 0.16% bitcoins every hour from scam review is the dynamic cloud mining investment company and suitable not only for the experienced crypto users, but it is also a encountered for the revolutionary phenomenon.

Its a digital currency and the the bitcoins also has the potential to change the life and the world.And the bitcoin is the most impressive increase in the bitcoin value over several months.Now it has generated the unprecedented interest.And its to high in the market and has more demand in the market and its scaring to the members daily.

What is the is the cryptocurrency investment company established in 2017.And they have a good service and they also offer the different designed to assist the bitcoin holders in making the good investments decisions.And they are London based company which possesses a group of investment professionals covering many industries. is fully registered and licensed company they license company is 10524488.

How to become the member of

Simple just you need to sign up here  and start making the money for every hour.

What is the minimum amount of deposit?

We're accepting deposits starting from 0.001 BTC, and there is no maximum limit per deposit.

What's the minimum amount to withdraw?

The minimum amount you can request for a withdrawal is 0.0001 BTC. You can withdraw as large amount as you wish; there is no restriction for a maximum limit.

What are the affiliate commission's you will be getting?

A standard affiliate program is enabled for every member at BitZilla - whether you have an active deposit or not. You will earn a 5% referral commission on every deposit made by your affiliates.

Scam review of is it paying or scam?

Now they are paying to their members honestly and it takes time of 24 hours..

Site status: Active & paying

Total users: 32591

Total active days: 35 & still running

Total deposited: 4693 BTC

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Scam review of is it scam or legit check here  is the company which has started & launched on 2012, And the group of enthusiasts discovered unbelievable perspective and very stable in the construction market.And the company founders like BECHTEL, SNC-LAVALIN, HOCHTIEF builds and the logistics companies in the USA and in the Great Britain.

In the first year it was quite complicated, issues and after dealing with the financial issues which have appeared in the early period of the company activity and they decided to aim of the expansion and conquest of the new markets are made, and as become after globalization came the economy has stepped into the new era.

The company has proved its reliability in the Western & European countries with the speed quality of the constructions provided by the SIP panels technologies.

Is is registered company check it out here

CRYSTAL HOUSE GROUP LTD is this day incorporated under the Companies Act 2006 as a private company, that the company is limited by shares, and the situation of its registered office is in England and Wales. Given at Companies House, Cardiff, on 10th February 2017.
Company registered number: 10614067

To be the part of what you need to do?

To be the part of First, you need to be the members of the site then you can make deposits and earn the profits.Well, you need to fill all the form below by clicking the link. sign up the link .

What are the payment processors do accepts?

Well they accept all the four payment processors are as follows below:
  • Payeer
  • Perfectmoney
  • Bitcoins
  • ADVcash

What are the minimum & maximum amount to deposit at

The minimum investment amount is $10, and the maximum amount is $20000. In Bitcoin payment system minimum amount of deposit if 0.02BTC and maximum amount are 20.00BTC.

How much can you earn from crystal house .biz?

Here You can earn with us up to 60.5% monthly due to chosen marketing plan.

What are the Investment plans does offers?

Daily 30 days plans: Deposit Included Yes Accruals Everday Income 160.5% Profit 60,5% Withdrawal Instant Limits $10 - $20000
Fixed 10 days plan: Deposit Included Yes Accruals After 10 days Income 109% Profit 9% Withdrawal Instant Limits $10 - $20000

Does offer referral commission?

Yes they have the representative referral system standard referral bonus is 7% for 1 teir 2% for tier 1% for tier 3 and all the representative bouns of 10% for 1 tier 2% for 2 tier 1% for 3 tier opt the good & earn handsome profits from the referral commissions.

Now here i will tell you the site status and its live status:

TOTAL MEMBERS: 1482 paid members and still growing
TOTAL PAID : $14902

Latest news on
For more information on 
Contact support 

Contact details: 17 Shelton Street, London, England, WC2H 9HZ live: crystal house Ltd @crystalhouseofficial Telegram chat

Note: All the site of the investment site will be having some percentage of risk so check it out some reviews on other sites as well on the money making forums Facebook group pages and much more make surveys before making and large deposits and stay safe.

Quick Scam review of is it real or scam?  is the international company where it has the history back to 2008.And they are the two businessmen named John Richmond & KlintBerks who met at the auctions.And the later one year they together with the other two brokers and they found the company which is specialized in the purchase of the real estate at the auctions & further resale at the secondary at the market.

More pieces of information About the company
Begin with $110 gift!

How does the company Richmondberks work?

Richmond Berks is the company was it takes part in the international real estate auctions, clietnsAnd it attracts, clients and with their investments for the further works with those funds is the real estate market, Increase the funds and gives the dividend payout for their clients.

How to invest with Richmondberks to earn profits?

As simple as it is all you to do is that you need to sign up here and have the account and then buy RBD.And you will be earning daily profits where it depends on the level of the companies capital.

What does the RBD mean?

RBD - Richmond Berks Dollar and its an inner currency which servers to simplify the work with the supply and its conversion into to the international currencies like 1RBD = 1USD.

After depositing the funds can you get the refunds?

Yes, ou can get the deposit any time buy you need to pay the fine of 50% of your deposit.

What are the payment processors do they accept?

BlockChain technology is a database of all transactions that have ever been made within RBD system.

Well, how much can you earn from Richmondberks?

They interest rate pf your investment depends on your capitalization lever of their company.If you have deposited with the interest rate of 1.5% daily will be your profits and the new days or in future capitalization level may increase, Then the interest rate of your deposits will all grow gradually.
Example:  When ou invested 1000 USD and got 1000 RBD with a daily interest rate of 1.5%. Then every day you will get 15 RBD.

Does Richmondberks any Affiliate system?

Yes for sure they do have the affiliate system to earn as the secondary income. As their affiliate system allows you to gain profit from a partner that you invited. You will get interest rate from.
Invite your friends = Give $10 and Get $10

More information on the Affiliate system.

The contact information of the company: Number ( 1 (888) 881-58-08)
Email Support:
Follow @ Facebook group page 
Follow @ Twitter 
Check it out with the more upcoming news 
More information on Richmondberks Read FAQ

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Scam review of is it real or scam? is the limited company and established of the professionals traders in the field of cryptocurrencey forex & stock market trading with the investment & asset managements.Asron connelly is the director of the company under his leadership the has grown into the a leading online investment platform.

They are the registered company in the united kingdom and has the representative offices all over the globe.And now the are leading forex & stock market trading & follows a steady investment strategy to produce for the long-term results for their valuable clients worldwide.

What is is the leading online investment company and officially registered in Uk.The company is involved in cryptocurrencey trading and from the Forex markets.

How to start with

Inorder to start with the cryptobusinessworld just you need to sign up here and make the account and after registrations you need to make the investments and start earning.

What are the payment processors do they use?

They accept 3 types of payment processors are as follows:


What are the referral commisions do they offer?

For direct referrals you will get 8% interest on the amount deposited by the referral. For second level referral you will get 4% and for third level referral you will get 2% referral commission.

What are the investment plans do they provide?

Bronze plan : 3% Daily For 37 Days Earning: Business Days  Min. Deposit: $10  Max. Deposit: $50,000  Total Return: 111%

Silver plan : 5% Daily For 25 Days Earning: Business Days  Min. Deposit: $50  Max. Deposit: $50,000  Total Return: 125%

Gold Plan : 7% Daily For 19 Days Earning: Business Days  Min. Deposit: $100  Max. Deposit: $50,000  Total Return: 133%

Diamond plan : 9% Daily for 16 Days Earning: Business Days  Min. Deposit: $300  Max. Deposit: $50,000  Total Return: 144%

Platinum plan : 20% Weekly For 365 Days  Min. Deposit: $500  Max. Deposit: $50,000

Site status : Active & paying

Total accounts : 377

Total deposited : $16523

Total paid : $1069